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avatar1 Hi Webmaster, congrats to your fantastic site!
Sorry for my English I'm italian, I ask a question, you make or will make clips and custom clips?

From: K., [Italy], by E-mail: November 11, 2012
In November, we did a scene with big-tit porn star "Eva Notty."  Expect the finished video on in 2012.

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: November 30, 2011
Just released a new video, "Britney Stevens' SkullFuck"  . . . Now on sale.
Awesome deepthroat action!

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: November 4, 2011
Britney Stevens preview
Britney Stevens' SkullFuck
video Preview
We just put that new creampie video starring ebony actress Amber Stars on sale ($8.99).
It's called "Amber Stars' Lucky Day."

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: October 16, 2011
Amber Stars' Lucky Day
Amber Stars - video Preview
gears In March, we uploaded a text-only transcript of our interview with RaunchMachine porn actress Emily Valentine.

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: March 4, 2011
gears In February, we did a scene with sexy 21-year old ebony "Amber Stars."  We hope to have the video clip up on in 2011.

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: February 26, 2011
A new video clip of Emily Valentine is on sale. Emily Valentine starred in her first porno movie ever with the RaunchMachine studio. It was called "Valentine's Day." If you enjoyed Valentine's Day's steamy sex action, then you'll want to buy this new companion video "Emily Valentine Bonus Pack #1"     It has already sold!
It's a musical slide-show of new hi-rez Emily still pics that haven't been available until now.
         Buy it! Emily Valentine Bonus Pack #1 ($6.99)

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: January 16, 2011
emily valentine has huge tits
Bonus Pack #1 - video Preview
gears In October, we shot a new scene with sexy deep-throater Britney Stevens. Her clip should be on sometime in 2011.

From: RaunchMachine, Posted to Twitter on: October 31, 2010
avatar1 you have any way to order by mail

From: C.T. [real name altered], [Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.], Posted: October 24, 2010
gears Hooray! RaunchMachine's clip store was just listed as a "Top Store" and a "Top Provider" at (Straight section). Thanks to our loyal customers!

From: RaunchMachine,       Posted to Twitter on: September 25, 2010
avatar3 April 5, 2010 Juan Cuba emails: Please check out my site, feel free to download the trailers. If you looking for a HD/Standard definition Camera Man, Stills, Strobes, Kino Flo or PA, then I'm your man!
From: RaunchMachine
Date: March 27, 2010

Just created our new Twitter account! Twitter users are invited to please 'follow' our feed for the latest news about your favorite website
. . . this one!

From now on, we'll link your tweets back to this Blog page too.
RaunchMachineBlog + Twitter = stay up to date
From: RaunchMachine
Date: December 16, 2009

Got a cumshot fetish? We took four cumshots from the Full-Length video clips of Nina Cardova, Roxy Lynn, Lyla Lei, and Foxxx and put them into a 3-minute video clip for your pleasure. It's called "Cumshot Compilation #1."
Only $3.99
Downloadable at ($3.99).
Cumshot Compilation #1
From: RaunchMachine
Date: September 20, 2009

Here's another new clip - Brittney Kane's a hot new porn starlet with a few DVD's out already for different studios. She stars in our video called "If a tree." She seduces her boyfriend into liking nature more. The style is 'eco-porn.' Cool overhead cumshot scene. Clips downloadable at ($7.99).
Brittney Kane has an awesome young shape!
Brittney Video Preview
From: RaunchMachine
Date: June 11, 2009

We added a new clip to our clip-stores. Emily Valentine stars in her first porn video, and we are pleased to bring this big-tit actress to you. Emily wants to do more movies, and our 'Valentine's Day' shows she is off to a great start! Clips are available at ($9.99).
Emily Valentine's 1st ever porno video
gears From: RaunchMachine
Date: June 2, 2009

We are building another clip-store for instant downloads. As you may know, we have a clipstore at, but if you prefer ( of blog comment deleted...)
avatar2 From: t. c. (real name altered)
May 21, 2009 4:51 PM
Subject: Cinematographer for Hire

Hi there

I am currently exploring the possibility of being a cinematographer for your company [...]
I have an online profile [...], which shows my skills as a cinematographer. The sample scenes are mostly softcore scenes that I have done for my own projects. [...] Please, give me a call at a time that is convenient for you.
gears From: RaunchMachine
Date: Oct. 4, 2008

Hi, everyone. Today we posted our 3rd Nina Cardova sub-clip "Tammy Wants a Promotion - Part 3 of 3" to our Clipstore. Nina's 'Full Length' clip will be posted in about a month. We have now sold 11 clips at our Clipstore. Of these, 5 were sub-clips, while 6 were full-length clips. Thanks, boys!

Website traffic spiked upward sharply in the last few months. The biography of our feature actress Roxy Lynn had the most hits, while Lyla Lei and Nina Cardova were ever popular.

Our Biography section is coming along. Look for more biographies soon.
From: RaunchMachine
Date: July 17, 2008

Hello visitors. Just an update on our traffic and downloaded videos. So far we've had about 400 unique visitors to the RaunchMachine website and had 3 video clips downloaded from our Clip Store at Clips4Sale. One copy each of Lyla's, Foxxx's, and Roxy Lynn's "Full Length" videos has been sold. No 'sub-clips' (which are the main movie divided into 3 to 5 segments) have been purchased to date. The Clip Store refreshes its "Most Popular Clips" section every month, so that's why you might not see any record of sales on our Clip Store page, but rest assured that customers have been ordering our 'Full Length' video clips, and that might encourage you to download some too. We are adding a sub-clip from Nina Cardova's new POV video this weekend.

( . . . deleted paragraph . . . )

Today we added a Biography section. If you are a porn starlet with >10 adult videos done already, feel free to e-mail us your biography and a photo that we can use copyright-free. We can even add a free weblink to your website. It's free advertising for you! We plan to have both RaunchMachine starlets and general adult starlets featured in the Biography section (i.e. non- RaunchMachine starlets too).

We welcome your contributions to this Blog. Please use the e-mail address above to contact us!
biography thumbnail
Biography Page
gears From: RaunchMachine
Date: May 19, 2008 Hello, [d.].
Glad to hear from you. You might be surprised to find that you are the first customer to ever send us an e-mail since we opened our website.
We might be able to do a custom creampie video.

[ . . . edited]

Thanks for visiting our website.

Raunch Machine staff
avatar1 From: d. t. (real name altered)
Sunday, May 18, 2008 10:21 AM

do u do custom vaginal cremapie videos and do u except payments through paypal
gears From: RaunchMachine staff
Date: early May 2008.

Hello, everyone. And thanks for visiting the RaunchMachine website. We have had a lot of website hits from around the world, and we welcome all of you. Our most popular starlet by far has been Lyla Lei, since so many search engine used the search term "Lyla Lei." It seems we have quite a few Lyla fans!

Emily Valentine's 1st Porno
New! Emily's 1st porno $9.99 windowsmedia
Buy Now & download the clip!

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